Biocontrol projects

BINGO-ITN project on breeding invertebrates for next generation biocontrolt-evanescens-on-b-nigra-2

This European innovative training network started in 2016 and is led by Dr. Bart Pannebakker (Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen University). I am involved in the co-supervision of one PhD student working on natural populations of Trichogramma egg parasitoids in cabbage fields.

Life IGIC project on green infrastructure for sustainable agriculture

The Life IGIC project financed by the EU will develop Green Infrastructure (GI) and supporting Sustainable Farming Methods in pilot olive orchards, in Western Messara plain, south Crete, Greece. Together with Prof. Bas Zwaan, Dr. Bart Pannebakker (both Laboratory of Genetics) and Dr. Emmanouil Kabourakis (INSTITUTE OF VITICULTURE, FLORICULTURE AND VEGETABLE CORPS), I am supervising one PhD student on effects of climate and diversification on population structures and host selection behaviour of natural enemies of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae. 

Image result for Olive fruit fly Olive fruit fly (Photo: Katja Schulz)

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