PhDs, Research assistants and MSc students

Phd students and assistants

Eddie Griese (MSc) - Ecology and Evolution of butterfly egg-induced plant defences in crucifers - Biosystematics and Laboratory of Entomology (WUR)

Sophie Chattington (MSc) - Monitoring pre- and post release diversity in local Trichogramma egg parasitoid populations - Laboratory of Genetics, Biosystematics (WUR) & Uni Bremen, Germany

Niccolo Bassetti (MSc) - On the genetic basis of cabbage white butterfly egg-killing in Brassica spp. - Biosystematics, Laboratory of Genetics and Plant Breeding (WUR)

Georgios Valsamakis (MSc) - Molecular ecology of cabbage white butterfly egg-mediated effects on brassicaceous host plant anti-herbivore defences - FU Berlin, Germany

Giannoula (Anni) Bogka (MSc) - Effects of climate and diversification on population structures and host selection behaviour of natural enemies of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae - Laboratory of Genetics, Biosystematics and TEI Crete 

Eva Drukker (MSc) - Exploring green roofs as urban hotspots for insects - Biosystematics (WUR)

Xianhui Shi (MSc) - Evolution, ecology and genetics of anti-aphrodisiac pheromones in cabbage white butterflies - Biosystematics, Laboratory of Genetics (WUR) and University of Amsterdam

Liana Greenberg (MSc) - On the evolution of anti-aphrodisiac pheromones in Heliconius and Pieris butterflies - Biosystematics, Laboratory of Genetics (WUR) and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

Patrick Verbaarschot (MSc) research assistant at Biosystematics (WUR)

MSc students

Javier Millán Acosta - Conservation of the sesquiterpene synthesis pathway across Lepidoptera. Co-supervision with Eric Schranz

Klarinda Jonker - Composition of the phyllobiome of Brassica nigra and interactions with butterfly eggs and egg-killing responses. Co-supervision with Klaas Bouwmeester

Dorette Peters - Egg-killing plant defences induced by different Pieridae butterflies

Sander Koene - Hitch-hiking egg parasitoids exploiting anti-sex pheromones of Pieris butterflies. Co-supervision with Liana Greenberg and Xianhui Shi

Former group members

Lotte Caarls (PhD) - former postdoc - Plant Breeding, Wageningen Plant Research, WUR

Dr. Luis Paniagua - former PhD - postodc FU Berlin, Germany

Setareh Mohammadin (PhD) - former postdoc - Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Foteini Pashalidou (PhD) - former PhD - INRA AgroParisTech Universite Paris-Saclay, France

Gabriella Bukovinskine Kiss (MSc) - former research assistant - Laboratory of Genetics (WUR)