PhDs, Research assistants and students

Phd students and assistants

Sophie Chattington (MSc)

Monitoring pre- and post release diversity in local Trichogramma egg parasitoid populations

(co)promotors: Bart Pannebakker, Bas Zwaan (both Laboratory of Genetics) & Andra Thiel, (Uni Bremen, Germany)

Niccolo Bassetti (MSc)

On the genetic basis of cabbage white butterfly egg-killing in Brassica spp.

(co)promotors: Eric Schranz (Biosystematics), Bas Zwaan (Laboratory of Genetics) & Guusje Bonnema (Plantbreeding)

Giannoula (Anni) Bogka (MSc)

Effects of climate and diversification on population structures and host selection behaviour of natural enemies of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae

(co)promotors: Bart Pannebakker, Bas Zwaan (both Laboratory of Genetics) & Emmanouil Kambourakis (TEI, Crete)

Liana Greenberg (MSc)

On the evolution of anti-aphrodisiac pheromones in Heliconius and Pieris butterflies

Promotors: Eric Schranz (Biosystematics) and Bas Zwaan (Laboratory of Genetics)

Jordy Litjens (MSc)

Research assistant at Biosystematics and Genetics

Eva Drukker (MSc)

Exploring green roofs as urban hotspots for insects

(co)promotors: Casper Quist & Eric Schranz (Biosystematics)

Patrick Verbaarschot (MSc)

Research and teaching assistant at Biosystematics

BSc/ MSc students

Julia Mars (RU student) - Composition of the phyllobiome of Brassica nigra and interactions with butterfly eggs and egg-killing responses. Co-supervision with Klaas Bouwmeester

Rosanne Dodde - Insect soil communities on green roofs. Co-supervision with Eva Drukker and Casper Quist

Tjomme Fernhout - Survey of hitchhiking egg parasitoids of Pieris butterflies in Spain/ South France. Co-supervision with Liana Greenberg

Former group members

Dr. Lotte Caarls - former postdoc - Plant Breeding, Wageningen Plant Research (WUR)

Dr. Setareh Mohammadin - former postdoc - Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Dr. Eddie Griese - former PhD - Environmental advisor, Germany

Dr. Luis Paniagua - former PhD - FU Berlin, Germany

Dr. Georgios Valsamakis - former PhD - FU Berlin, Germany

Dr. Foteini Pashalidou - former PhD - INRA AgroParisTech Universite Paris-Saclay, France

Msc Gabriella Bukovinskine Kiss - former research assistant - Laboratory of Genetics (WUR)