PhDs, Research assistants and students

Phd students and assistants

Sophie Chattington (MSc)

Monitoring pre- and post release diversity in local Trichogramma egg parasitoid populations

(co)promotors: Bart Pannebakker, Bas Zwaan (both Laboratory of Genetics) & Andra Thiel, (Uni Bremen, Germany)

Giannoula (Anni) Bogka (MSc)

Effects of climate and diversification on population structures and host selection behaviour of natural enemies of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae

(co)promotors: Bart Pannebakker, Bas Zwaan (both Laboratory of Genetics) & Emmanouil Kambourakis (TEI, Crete)

Liana Greenberg (MSc)

On the evolution of anti-aphrodisiac pheromones in Heliconius and Pieris butterflies

Promotors: Eric Schranz (Biosystematics) and Bas Zwaan (Laboratory of Genetics)

Eva Drukker (MSc)

Exploring green roofs as urban hotspots for insects

(co)promotors: Casper Quist & Eric Schranz (Biosystematics)

Diego Z. Gallan (MSc)

Deciphering molecular mechanisms involved in the interactions of banana, the banana weevil and Fusarium oxysporum fungus

(co)promotors: Etalo, Desalegn Woldes and Gert Kema (Phytopathology)

Patrick Verbaarschot (MSc)

Research and teaching assistant at Biosystematics

Jordy Litjens (MSc)

Research assistant at Biosystematics and Genetics

BSc/ MSc students

Teun de Jong and Niek Palmen (MSc students)

Esther van Tatenhove (MSc student)

Former group members

Dr. Lotte Caarls - former postdoc - Plant Breeding, Wageningen Plant Research (WUR)

Dr. Setareh Mohammadin - former postdoc - Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Dr. Niccolo Bassetti - former PhD

Dr. Eddie Griese - former PhD - Environmental advisor, Germany

Dr. Luis Paniagua - former PhD - FU Berlin, Germany

Dr. Georgios Valsamakis - former PhD - FU Berlin, Germany

Dr. Foteini Pashalidou - former PhD - INRA AgroParisTech Universite Paris-Saclay, France

Msc Gabriella Bukovinskine Kiss - former research assistant - Laboratory of Genetics (WUR)