Press releases

Press releases

Fatouros et al. 2020

Bionieuws article on ‘Insects escaping egg parasitism’

Bionieuws article on EO Wilson Reseach price for best publication 2019

Woelke et al. 2019

NWO/STW Vidi grant 2016NWO-Logo

Resource, STW, NWO

Pashalidou et al. 2015, Ecology Letterscover1

WUR, FU Berlin, Gelderlander


Fatouros et al. 2014, Proc. Roy. Soc.


Fatouros et al. 2012, PlosONE

WUR, Live science

High-speed video of smallest flying insect, 2011


WUR, Quest, Ted-Ed and YouTube

Huigens et al. 2009, PNAS

Discover Magazine, National Geographic

Fatouros et al. 2008, PNAS20081211-pnas_105_29-cover

NRC, Resource, Nature research highlights


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