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New publication by Corne van der Linden in Biological Control

First thesis chapter published by Niccolo Bassetti in BMC Plant Biology!

New publication by Afentoulis et al. in Front Ecol Evol

New Publication New Phytologist Griese, Caarls et al.

New publication by Valsamakis et al. in Front Plant Sci

Priming by timing: the longer Pieris brassicae eggs are exposed to A. thaliana plants the stronger the plants’ response and the more the hatching larvae suffer from it. This work has largely been conducted by Georgios Valsamakis, Vivien Lortzing and Norbert Bittner in the group of Monika Hilker.

New publications 2020

New paper in preprint on BioRxiv

Eddie Griese's second paper on 'Plant responses to butterfly oviposition partly explain preference-performance relationships on different brassicaceous species' is under review but the preprint is available on BioRxiv

So far it was well perceived and #1 paper in Ecology in BioRxiv when published

Manuscript on bioRxiv

10 years after collecting new Trichogramma wasps from passion-vine butterflies in a tropical rain-forest in Panama we manage to identify and describe them! Without no doubt, this is a classical Biosystematics publication!

New publication in Ecological Entomology

New article in Scientific Reports on egg-killing!

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