Month: December 2020

New publication by Valsamakis et al. in Front Plant Sci

Priming by timing: the longer Pieris brassicae eggs are exposed to A. thaliana plants the stronger the plants’ response and the more the hatching larvae suffer from it. This work has largely been conducted by Georgios Valsamakis, Vivien Lortzing and Norbert Bittner in the group of Monika Hilker.

New PhD students working on hitch-hiking Trichogramma wasps

Liana and Xianhui (from left) both just started their PhD on the ecology, evolution and genetics of anti-sex pheromones of passion-vine/cabbage white butterflies and natural selection by hitch-hiking egg parasitoids spying on these pheromones. Both will have supervisors from Biosystematics group and the Laboratory of Genetics @WUR. They will conduct field work either in Panama or The Netherlands, olfactometer bioassays, analyse pheromones and the genetics behind them.