Aspasia evolution of egg-killing project

NWO Aspasia project: On the evolution of insect egg-killing defences in Brassicales

We will study the question whether egg-killing HR is a more common trait in the core Brassicaceae that went through several whole genome duplication (WGD) events and show an escalation in defence trait complexity. We will contact a broad synteny network approach to understand the evolutionary history of the genes involved in HR across the Brassicales. In addition to exploring the evolutionary background of the hypersensitive response genes within the cabbage family, we explore RNA sequencing data to understand which genes are expressed during the hypersensitive response. This projects connects to the NWO/TTW VIDI project and is financed by an additional NWO Aspasia grant. The Aspasia team consisted of one postdoc (went on maternity leave) and one PhD student.