New insect group meeting

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Once per month, we started having an Biosystematics Insect group meeting! The PhDs and postdoc briefly presented their current research in the first meeting. It was fun to see that people from the ‘Sabrina team’ could give advise to the ‘Nina team’ and vice verse. 1 2

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5th Vidi User committee meeting

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On Monday 19th of November, our 5th user committee meeting took place. This meeting marked our halfway point, we are now two years underway with the NWO/TTW VIDI-funded project on pest-killing plants. Compared to previous meetings, the Vidi team had decreased a bit in size, Setareh Mohammadin has gone on…

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4th Vidi user committee meeting

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On Monday 23rd April 2018 we had our 4th meeting in Wageningen presenting updates to the users and researchers involved in the NWO/TTW Vidi project. Niccolo and Lotte gave presentations and all members of the team including the Aspasias Setareh and Eddie and MSc student Jeroen were present. A lot…

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BINGO-ITN symposium at Koppert

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An interesting symposium was held at Koppert Biological Systems in Berkel and Rodenrijs on ‘New techniques for better biocontrol: next-generation sequencing, genotyping and experimental evolution in insects and mites’. Guest speakers like Richard Stouthamer and Jack Werren came all the way from the U.S. It was a long day starting…

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NEV Entomology meeting

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1 2 3 4 5 6 Vidi team at Netherlands Entomology Annual Meeting Traditionally, the Dutch Entomology meeting is on a Friday just before the Christmas vacations. We heard lots of nice talks and debates on the alarming declines in insect biodiversity/biomass shown in many recent studies. Eddie presented a…

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